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Volunteer Opportunities

Why become a volunteer? The real question is … why not? Volunteers are an extremely valuable resource for our organization. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we do. Our volunteers work with staff to:

  • Develop strategic direction for their specific focus area.
  • Brainstorm ideas for membership benefits, speakers and educational topics.
  • Assist day-of at programs/events.
  • Foster member engagement.
  • Advocate for the value of membership.

We offer numerous opportunities for members to volunteer throughout the year. Volunteering allows you to:

  • Gain exposure and recognition of your business.
  • Establish and/or strengthen business and personal relationships.
  • Gain valuable experience.
  • Use your talents to improve the region.

Grow as a community leader! Consider volunteering in one (or more!) of the following ways:

Ambassadors Group

Focus Area: Program/Event Activities
Current Roster: Ambassador Group
Role: The Ambassadors are active participants in ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, programs and events and encourage member engagement by participating in such activities. Ambassadors greet guests, assist with program/event check-in, facilitate member-to-member connections, assist with raffle sales and crowd control. Ambassadors can be easily identified through their red jackets and polos.

To learn more about the Ambassadors Group, contact Madi Woller, Programs & Events Manager, at 715-848-5955 or

Board of Directors

Focus Area: Organizational Governance
Current Roster: Chamber Board of Directors
Role: The Board of Directors, under Policy Governance, provides organizational leadership and direction, establishes policy, oversees the activities of the organization, sets attainable goals and develops metrics to measure the success and member satisfaction, acts as a sounding board for member businesses, provides outreach to members and acts as an advocate for the benefits of membership.

To learn more about the Board of Directors, contact Sue Wokatsch, Finance Director, at 715-848-5945 or

Business Advocacy Committee

Focus Area: Government Affairs
Current Roster: Business Advocacy Committee
Role: The Business Advocacy Committee serves as a united voice for business, develops an annual legislative agenda that directs all regulatory and legislative actions for the year, educates members on government-related issues, promotes good and effective government and supports the growth of free enterprise in the region.

To learn more about the Workforce Hub Steering Committee, contact Lukas Lindner, Workforce Development and Advocacy Director, at 715-848-5966 or

Workforce Hub Steering Committee

Focus Area: Workforce Development
Current Roster: Workforce Hub Steering Committee
Role: The Workforce Hub Steering Committee addresses challenges related to workforce development, skills gaps and talent attraction/retention.

To learn more about the Workforce Hub Steering Committee, contact Lukas Lindner, Workforce Development and Advocacy Director, at 715-848-5966 or