• Business Advocacy

  • What is Business Advocacy?

    ADVOCACY: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal

    The Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce's Business Advocacy Group oversees all government-related activities associated with the Chamber. It is comprised of a group of Chamber member volunteers from all areas of business who share the desire to actively contribute to improving the legislative and regulatory environment for the region's businesses.

    The Business Advocacy Group is guided by a belief that competitive free markets, limited government, private initiative and personal responsibility are essential to our democratic way of life. Inherent in this belief is the basic tenet that businesses operate in an ethical manner.

    The committee's responsibilities include:

    • Serving as a united voice for large and small businesses
    • Developing an annual Legislative Agenda that directs all regulatory & legislative actions for the year
    • Educating members on government-related issues
    • Promoting good and effective government
    • Supporting the growth of free enterprise in our area

    DISCLAIMER - Although the Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce is an accredited member of the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and a long-time member of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), it does not automatically support or oppose any legislative or elections-related positions set forth by these associations. The GWCC's Business Advocacy Committee independently assesses each issue based upon the impact it will have on our Chamber members and the Wausau region as a whole before deciding upon the position deemed most appropriate for our Chamber. As such, no portion of our members' dues goes towards any actions taken by these outside organizations, including political ads, marketing campaigns or other related governmental activities.

  • If you have any questions about Business Advocacy or would like to learn more about making a real difference in your community by volunteering with the Business Advocacy Committee, contact Dave Eckmann at deckmann@wausauchamber.com or by calling 715-848-5946.

  • Business Advocacy Program Ideas?

    Do you have an idea for a future business advocacy program that can help inform and/or educate members about business-related governmental issues? Contact the Business Advocacy Committee at programs@wausauchamber.com or call 715-845-6231 to share your ideas!

  • Voting Resources:

    Marathon County Elections Website

    Check http://gab.wi.gov/voters for answers to Frequently Asked Questions on voting.

    Visit My Vote Wisconsin to find out:

    • If you are registered to vote
    • If your address is current
    • Which candidates are on your ballot
    • Where to submit an absentee ballot
    • And much more!




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