• Riverlife Park Dedication Another Milestone in Wausau’s Revitalization

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    July 24, 2019
    Mayor Robert B. Mielke,

    Riverlife Park Dedication Another Milestone in Wausau’s Revitalization

    The City of Wausau, along with the Wausau Marathon County Parks Department, sponsors and stakeholders is pleased to announce the dedication of the new Riverlife Park, along the Wausau East Riverfront area north of WOW, Wausau on the Water - Wednesday August 7th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

    “Last year at the Riverlife Illumination event, we dedicated the first phase of public amenities including the
    river wharf, public seating plazas and the extension of the River’s Edge Parkway. I noted then that if the 400 Block was Wausau’s living room, then our riverfront is our front porch. Dedicating these outstanding park amenities, which have been thoughtfully designed to be inviting to a variety of users of all ages, is yet another milestone for the City,” noted Mayor Robert Mielke.

    “The public response and reception of the new Riverlife Park has been quite amazing. I hear every day that our investment in this park is one of best things the City has ever done,” said Mayor Mielke. The $4.7mil Riverlife Park was funded with a combination of tax increment financing and private donations, along with grants from the federal, state and county government as well.

    The new park and the entire area is the result of a decade long process of acquiring blighted properties, remediating environmental issues, and planning out a future waterfront that is lively, engaging and
    meaningful for our citizens. Earlier this year, the Greater Wausau Region Strategic Plan, which the City
    collaborated on with the Chamber of Commerce, highlighted recreation and park amenities as key opportunity for our entire region.

    Last August the City started formal fundraising for sponsorship opportunities in the Riverlife Park and the
    response has been exceptional, with millions of dollars pledged from our local foundations, families, and
    businesses. There are still a few opportunities for sponsorship, including elements like a future planned
    games plaza and climbing wall which would be included in future phases. Tax deductible donations for
    sponsorship opportunities along the new Riverlife area can be made by check to the City of Wausau, c/o Community Development 407 Grant Street, Wausau, WI 54403 or to the Community Foundation of Northcentral Wisconsin at their website at www.cfoncw.org (noting the Riverlife Park Fund).

    Wausau’s New Riverfront Park
    Be a Part of the Action!

    For more information:

    Call 715-261-6680 or visit:

    Riverlife Pedestrian Bridge $675,000
    Barker Stewart Island Plaza (Committed)
    Adirondack Sitting Area $450,000
    Wharf (Committed)
    Games Plaza, Green Space and Fountain
    Fountain (Committed)
    Games Plaza $60,000
    Riverfront Park and Play Area
    Net Wave $38,000
    Sky Cabin, Walk and Slide $685,000
    Small Play Equipment Grouping (Committed)
    Climbing Boulders (Committed)
    Individual Play Equipment and Boulders
    Riverfront Fitness Park
    Climbing Wall $125,000
    Challenge Course $123,000
    Climbing Sphere $59,000
    Fitness Equipment Group (Committed)

    Riverfront Bathroom and Concession Building
    Building $1,000,000
    Overlook (Committed)
    Riverfront Bike Share Program (Committed)
    Landscaping (Committed)
    Picnic & Umbrella Tables (23 available) $5,500
    Bench- along the trail & park (31 available) $2,000
    Brick- placed on the Trail near Bath and Concession
    Building $250
    Line Recognition on Donor Plaque $250

    Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
    Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________
    Email: _______________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________
    Please make your tax-deductible check payable to:

    City of Wausau, c/o Community Development, 407 Grant Street, Wausau, WI 54403
    or to the Community Foundation of Northcentral Wisconsin online at www.cfoncw.org (noting the Riverlife Park Fund)

    [City staff will contact you to finalize your sponsorship recognition wording and details]
    Thank You!

    All donors will be recognized on a donor plaque. Specific sponsorship is also available by selecting from the menu here:


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