• Women's Leadership Conference - 2018-01-17

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    Name: Women's Leadership Conference - 2018-01-17
    Date: January 17, 2018
    Time: 8:30 AM - 2:45 PM CST
    Registration: Online registration for this event has been closed. Please contact the Chamber to register.
    Event Description:

    Looking to get inspired, encouraged and work towards discovering your highest level of personal and professional development? Then the 4th annual Women's Leadership Conference is for you! You will hear a variety of perspectives and strategies concerning numerous dimensions of leadership development from experienced speakers. This is a great opportunity for women of all ages and career levels to develop skills that will carry on through both their work and personal lives.  By attending, you will:
    • Capture actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately to help you become a better leader and advance your skill set.
    • Gain the confidence applicable to leading your personal and professional life.
    • Network with aspiring and inspiring women of a variety of professional levels.


    Keynote Speaker: Fawn Germer

    Few people have influenced the day-to-day performance of professionals and organizations more than Fawn Germer.  The sought-after, bestselling Oprah-featured author, speaker and business consultant is revered for her authenticity and inspiration.  She is respected around the world for her groundbreaking work on the leadership and performance dynamics that teach others how to deal with obstacles, then drill down and deliver.  Germer is an expert on change and viability, showing how to turn the stress of a change-driven world into an opportunity to innovate and transform.

    Germer is the bestselling author of eight books - and her newest book, Reset, will be published this spring.  Reset shows how to reboot your work-life balance to live a more meaningful, productive life without regrets.

    More than anything, Germer is honest and real - so real that her audiences quickly connect with her as if she were speaking personally to each individual.  She is an animated storyteller who uses compelling and entertaining stories to make the takeaway points that no one forgets.

    Germer once had a boss tell her she'd never be more than she was at the time - a reporter - and she sure showed him.  Germer is a four-time, Pulitzer-nominated investigative journalist and the author of eight books, including the Oprah pick, Hard Won Wisdom.

    Germer personally interviewed more than 300 of the most accomplished leaders of our times, including Olympic athletes, CEOs, prime ministers, presidents, Academy Award winners and many other trailblazers who shared with her the secrets of true success.

    From them, she learned that success is born is risk, and power comes from the self-awareness that disables our doubt and self-esteem issues.

    Her first book was rejected by every major publisher in the United States, but Germer persevered until it was a bestseller.  She wrote 29 letters to Oprah and something broke through, with Oprah holding up Hard Won Wisdom and telling the world how "very inspiring" Germer's work was.

    She travels the globe with her message of viability, performance and power.  She has keynoted for the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Harvard, NASA, FritoLay, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, Pfizer, Deloitte, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co., Motorola, Moen, Boeing, Capital One, ADP, Kimberly Clark, Xerox, Bayer, AIG, PepsiCo, the NCAA, Marathon Petroleum, Hallmark, the Network of Executive Women, the UCLA Anderson School of Business, the Wharton School of Business and many others.

    Keynote Presentations:

    The Tenacity Factor: Why the Worst Can Bring Out Your Best

    By all means, have a plan for your success.

    "It's the greatest piece of fiction you will ever write," says international leadership speaker and bestselling Oprah book author Fawn Germer.  "Life does not unfold according to plan."

    Weak people see obstacles and stop.  Tenacious people see obstacles and find a way.

    Success - at work and in life - requires tenacity, grit and focus.  At some point, you make the choice to boldly move ahead or shrink down in fear or worry.  Fawn shows you how to embrace life's complications for all the challenge and potential they hold.

    "Don't judge yourself by what comes easy," she says.  "Judge yourself by what you do when things get hard."

    Fawn learned this lesson when her first book, Hard Won Wisdom, was rejected by every major publisher in the United States.  She persevered until it was the best-seller that Oprah held close and told the world was "very inspiring."  She is now the best-selling author of eight books and keynotes around the world about tenacity, workplace authenticity, life balance and leadership.

    "Fall down seven times, get up eight" is the Japanese proverb that is her motto, but that is just the beginning of the game-changing program that uses a dose of tenacity and grit to move others from ordinary to extraordinary.

    In this presentation, Fawn teaches you how to:
    • Expect adversity.  Nobody gets a free ride, and those who charge ahead with guts, courage and determination are destined to prevail.
    • Realize that setbacks are loaded with opportunity and possibility.  They ultimately lead you to a stronger, more successful version of yourself.
    • Quickly recover from a blow, assess the situation and strategize a plan.
    • Always get up for another round, no matter how worn out and frustrated you feel.
    • Focus on the solution, not the problem.  Let go of worry, negativity or self-pity.
    • Stop complaining and just confront complications, delays and setbacks.
    • Persevere, regardless of the challenge at hand, until you have prevailed.  Endurance is everything.

    Hard Won Wisdom

    If you have ever wanted to pick the brains of highly successful people, now's your chance.  Fawn has personally interviewed over 300 highly successful people, including world leaders, top ranking CEOs, Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes and even movie stars, to discover the real secret of their success.

    Fawn will share with you the success secrets of these leaders and trailblazers on what it takes to win.  These inspiring stories are just the thing to give your company or organization the performance jolt it needs to be wildly successful.

    In this presentation, Fawn shows you how to:
    • Market your achievements for career advancement.
    • Embrace who you really are and go for it.
    • Seek and find connection opportunities that will further your career.
    • Realize your greatest potential by taking risks and moving forward.
    • Give up on the concept of perfection and achieve your goals.
    • Find key leaders who will advance and mentor you.

    Keynote Speaker: Liz Uram

    Liz Uram is a keynote speaker who delivers outcome driven presentations focused on turning great ideas and good intentions into real results.

    At almost 30 years old with few skills and no college degree, Uram found herself needing a job.  Not sure where to begin, she called a staffing agency.  They placed her at a financial services company in downtown Minneapolis.  She didn't know what an investment or brokerage account was but thought working downtown was pretty cool.

    She had no idea this temp job would turn into a 13-year career she would leave as a Director of Operations.  During that time, she led teams in operations, customer service and sales.  She had exciting opportunities to manage projects to improve performance and increase revenue, including turning a cost center into a profit center that generated over $10mm in annual revenue.

    She started her own company in 2010 to help other people turn their great ideas and good intentions into real results.  As a keynote speaker and trainer, she shares ideas that help people achieve their goals.  Her mission is to leave each audience with specific action items they can apply in the real world.  She speaks at over 100 events a year to audiences ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits.  She is the highest rated contract speaker in her topics for the top seminar company in the United States.

    She has written four books including an Amazon.com best-seller.  In 2010, she returned to school and earned a degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University.  She is the proud mom of two productive, hard-working millennials who are on their way as leaders in their field.  She lives in East Bethel, MN with her husband where they spend their time golfing and working in their garden.

    Keynote Presentation:

    Every Day Leadership Skills That Produce REAL Results

    This program is designed to give managers practical strategies that can implement on an everyday basis to get the most out of their team and produce real results.  Most managers have good intentions but sometimes their good intentions have unintentional consequences that leave them scratching their heads wondering how they ended up with a demotivated team.  If this continues, productivity suffers, quality decreases, deadlines are missed and costs increase.  These certain effects can be avoided with an understanding of what caused it and why.  In this presentation:
    • Discover common snags that trip managers up and send them down the wrong road.
    • Learn the reasons people aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing.
    • Uncover the most common ways managers unintentionally demotivate their team.
    • Understand why managers fail to achieve the results they want (it's not their team).
    • Learn how managers accidently lose the respect of their team.
    Every day leadership is focused on helping managers create an environment where everyone is doing their best and focusing on achieving the goals of the team.

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    Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
    1100 Imperial Ave
    Rothschild, WI  54474
    Date/Time Information:
    8:30 am - Check-In & Networking
    9 am - Welcome
    9:15 am - Keynote - The Tenacity Factor: Why the Worst Can Bring Out Your Best - Fawn Germer

    10:45 am - Break
    11 am - Keynote - Every Day Leadership Skills That Produce REAL Results - Liz Uram
    Noon - Lunch & Networking
    1 pm - Keynote - Hard Won Wisdom - Fawn Germer
    2:30 pm - Closing Remarks & Book Signing
    Contact Information:
    Programs & Events Team - 715.848.5953
    Members - $55 (Includes Sales Tax)
    Non-Members - $70 (Includes Sales Tax)

    Table of 8 (Members Only) - $440 (Includes Sales Tax)

    Pre-registration is required for this event.  Limited space may be available the day of the event, but cannot be guaranteed.  Walk-in prices are $10 more than the listed prices and include sales tax. Limited reserved seating is available for tables of eight only.

    No Billings, Credits or Refunds.
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