• Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership
  • The Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership (GWPP) has been established to serve as the leadership role in the implementation and execution of the Greater Wausau Region Economic Development Strategic Plan.

  • Greater Wausau Region Economic Development Plan:

  • Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership Executive Committee:

  • Greater Wausau Prosperity Partnership Executive Committee

    Corporate Leadership Team

    The GWPP Corporate Leadership Team is comprised of business leadership representing the region’s driving industry sectors and will serve as the decision-making body of the organization.

    • Commercial Services: Jeny Nieuwenhuis Hardel, REI Engineering Inc
    • Finance: Scott Cattanach, Peoples State Bank
    • Insurance: Richard Poirier, Church Mutual Insurance Company
    • Healthcare: Matt Heywood, Aspirus
    • Manufacturing: Jim McIntyre, Greenheck
    • GWPP Executive: David Eckmann, Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce
    • Professional Services: Matthew Rowe, Ruderware LLSC
    • Food Processing: John Skoug, Marathon Cheese Corp
    • Tech/Digital Commerce: Mary Jo Johnson, EO Johnson Business Technologies
    • Agriculture: Will Hus, Hsu’s Ginseng Enterprises Inc
    • Hospitality: Chis Ghidorzi, Ghidorzi Design | Build | Develop
    • Construction: Paul LaPree, Miron Construction Co Inc


    Advisory Body:

    The GWPP Advisory Body is comprised of a diverse composition of community stakeholders and will help to inform and advise the Corporate Leadership Team in making vital decisions.
    • Hmong American Center Inc: Yee Leng Xiong
    • K12 Education: Kristine Gilmore
    • Northcentral Technical College: Lori Weyers
    • University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point: Bernie Patterson
    • University of Wisconsin – Stout: Robert Meyer
    • Marathon County Government: Brad Karger
    • City of Wausau: Mayor Robert Mielke
    • Wisconsin Public Service: Rick Socha
    • United Way of Marathon County Inc: Jeffrey Sargent
    • Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau: Brian Schulz
    • MCDEVCO Inc: Jeff Voigt
    • Wausau Events: Peter Valiska
    • Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce: Darrell Lentz
    • Boy Scouts of America - Samoset Council: Janice Watson
    • Marathon County Municipalities Future Council – Andrew Kurtz
    • Wausau River District: Joseph Mella
    • Philanthropy: Jeff Stubbe
    • Immersion Project Young Professionals: Andrew Dudley Shannon, Kevin Porter


    GWPP – Strategic Goal Subcommittees

    The following members of the GWPP Corporate Leadership Team serve as the Subcommittee Leads for each of the (3) Strategic Goals of the Economic Development Plan.
    • Goal 1: Talent - Matthew Rowe, Ruder Ware LLS

      Objective: Attract and Retain Skilled Workers and Talented Individuals.

    • Goal 2: Innovative Companies - Jen Nieuwenhuis Hardel, REI Engineering Inc

      Objective: Embrace Technology to Nurture and Grow Marathon County’s Driving Industry Sectors.

    • Goal 3: Placemaking - Chris Ghidorzi, Ghidorzi Design | Build | Develop

      Objective: Develop Quality places and Amenities to Attract the Best and Brightest.


    2019 - 2020 Tactics & Initiatives

    Tactic 1.2.1.) Develop a comprehensive new talent attraction website to market the Wausau region as a desirable destination. Use the new website as the central information hub for a broader (omni-channel) talent attraction campaign.

    Tactic 1.1.2.) Support the Rib Mountain State Park master planning process/Granite Peak Ski Area expansion projects, encourage growth and expansion of its facilities.

    Initiative 3.2.) Support the long-term redevelopment options for the Wausau Center Mall. Support the commission of a master plan that explores a range of viable long-term options.

    Tactic 1.4.2.) Launch a Business-Driven Innovation Center or Center of Excellence focused on areas of specialized training & research. Create alignment among area employers and (K16) education partners to address talent holistically. Foster Innovation and entrepreneurship through the adoption of new technologies to grow local and regional economies. Develop a means for business to collaborate and cultivate relationships with other regional business to ensure the stability and growth of existing employers.


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